Taxidermy Transport - Currently Inoperable

Colorado Hunting Photo 1

It's payoff time - all of your hard-earned efforts have culminated to this point - getting your trophy from the taxidermist to your wall.

We travel all across the United States (incl. Alaska) and Canada and use a hard-side 24' enclosed trailer. So, pricing will vary greatly depending upon the (1) trophy size and (2) miles from taxidermist to your location.

Here's our "general" American/European pricing schedule. Please note that our prices are capped at 75% of UPS' rate, that is, our price will be at least 25% less than UPS. However, the overriding minimum shipping price for any mount regardless of distance is $100:

  • Antelope-sized mounts: $0.15/mile
  • Deer-sized mounts: $0.25/mile
  • Elk-sized mounts: $0.35/mile
  • Moose-sized mounts: $0.45/mile
  • Euro mounts are priced at 50% of the above listed shoulder/neck mounts
  • Full-body mounts and all others: We'll provide a quote based on measurements
  • If you prefer, we'll provide a quote for anything. Just send us details and a description

Contact us at either or text/call 970-623-0399.