Taxidermy Transport

Colorado Hunting Photo 1

It's payoff time - all of your hard-earned efforts have culminated to this point - getting your trophy from the taxidermist to your wall.

We travel all across the United States (incl. Alaska) and Canada. So, pricing will vary greatly depending upon the (1) trophy size and (2) miles from taxidermist to your location.

Here's our "general" American/European pricing schedule. Please note that our prices are capped at 75% of UPS' rate, that is, our price will be at least 25% less than UPS:

  • Deer-sized mounts and smaller: $0.25/mile
  • Elk-sized mounts: $0.35/mile
  • Moose-sized mounts: $0.45/mile
  • Full-body mounts and all others: We'll provide a quote based on measurements
  • If you prefer, we'll provide a quote for anything. Just send us details and a description

Contact us at either or text/call 970-623-0399.