Colorado Hunting Videos

What do hunters do when not hunting? They watch hunting videos. Watching Colorado Hunting Videos is almost as popular as hunting in Colorado. It doesn't make any difference if your videos are of hunting, scouting, or just great footage of Colorado's big game animals, we would like to watch it. So, please follow these instructions on How To Submit Your Video.

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Colorado Hunting Videos - Titles

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11/11/15 Elk Recovery and Story Andy S
6/30/14 Shed Hunt de_ballew
6/30/14 2013 Elk Hunt de_ballew
9/21/13 Antelope Hunt
8/10/13 Wilderness Scouting Trip
4/6/13 Elk Shed Mother Lode
3/31/13 First Shed Hunt of 2013
9/2/12 Archery Bear Hunt
7/30/12 Muley Bachelor
5/18/12 Shed
4/7/12 Shed Hunt
12/14/11 Hot bull comes closehmason
8/23/11 Wilderness Scouting
8/6/11 Colorado's largest antler
7/2/11 Muleys in
6/26/11 Domesticated Elk
6/20/11 Black Bear
6/6/11 Springtime Prepscoutman
5/7/11 Shed
12/16/10 Can you count the Elk?hmason
12/14/10 Bull Run....hmason
12/14/10 King of the Hill Part 1hmason
12/13/10 King of the Hill Part 2hmason
12/13/10 Ah Ma, I wasn't finished!hmason
12/13/10 Party Drinkinhmason
12/13/10 Now that's a lot of bull!hmason
12/8/10 Elk Migrationhomegrownbriscoe (by cfsgc1531)
12/6/10 Is it hunting season yet?
11/27/10 Rutting Muley
11/15/10 Grand Mesa N.F. Bighorn
10/25/10 Lesson 101-How to cross a barbed wire fence! hmason
10/25/10 Herd bull looks for another cow. hmason
10/25/10 Looking for a cow. hmason
10/25/10 Half a rack but a full bugle. hmason
10/25/10 Ladies evening in the pond. hmason
10/22/10 A little too close! hmason
10/18/10 Where's My Cow? hmason