Trophy field care

Trophy field care:
Most hunters hope to harvest a trophy animal, but when the day finally comes, have no idea of what to do. Proper care of the hide is very important, this includes skinning. Taxidermists seem to be able to work miracles but everybody will be much happier with the end results if the specimen is properly cared for from the start. The cape or hide should be treated in the same fashion as the meat. Keep it cool, dry, and protected from insects. A lot of factors dictate how quick something spoils so no definite answer can be given. Get your trophy to the taxidermist as soon as possible.
Here is a link to basic skinning of your trophy.

When choosing a taxidermist, remember that not all are the same. Taxidermy is an art form. Some are more skilled than others. The old saying of “you get what you pay for” does not always apply. Referrals are great but you should personally check out the work of any taxidermist before leaving your trophy.
Things to ask.
#1. Price.
#2. Lead-time.
#3. How long in business. (May or may not be important).
You can ask how long they have been doing taxidermy, or how many of said animals they have done but really they could say anything. Seeing is believing, so check out their work.
Remember that hunting season is a taxidermist’s busiest time of the year so avoid these times to visit. Instead try to visit say in July or August. Also a lot of taxidermists work from home but that does not mean that they are open 24/7. Use common sense before calling or stopping by.
Good hunting.