Mathews McPherson Series MR7 Monster

McPherson Series® MR7™, known as the Monster MR7™, this new version of a standing Mathews line has everything a serious bowhunter could possibly want in a bow. It all starts off with the revolutionary AVS Technology which assures that your dual cam system is in perfect timing. The concern of timing in a two cam system has all but been erased with this great technology advancement. As Mathews puts it “AVS Technology is the fastest, most efficient dual cam system in the world. Not a Cam & ½ and Not a Binary Cam System—Not like any other Dual Cam System. Period.”

One of the most appealing technological factors for the MR7™ is the new 7 inch brace height. The brace height on this bow gives this bow an incredible forgiveness that is very uncommon among fast shooting bows. In today’s archery world many of the faster bows have brace heights that are from 5-6 inches which often means a very unforgiving bow. Not so with the MR7™. The 7 inch brace height also makes this bow a very smooth drawing bow that is also incredibly accurate. There has been no sacrifice of speed for the stability of a 7 inch brace height.

The Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard has become another component that has separated Mathews from the field. The Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard has reduced friction by having the cables in front of the roller guard and not behind as in the past. This has equated to a very smooth draw and to less tension being exerted upon the cables.

The Grid Lock™ riser has added strength to the overall bow and has done so in a manner that is lightweight. The consideration of weight is a major component in archery hunting and Mathews has set the mark with the d Grid Lock™ riser technology.

Another new innovation that comes standard in the MR7™ is the Harmonic Stabilizer. The Harmonic Stabilizer can dampen out 75% of the residual vibration of the bow. This will allow for optimal performance of the bow and also for quite performance which is essential. The technology behind the Harmonic Stabilizer is well documented on the Mathews website where you can visit it and see why it is such a huge advancement. Combine the Harmonic Stabilizer with the already time tested and proven Harmonic Damping System and you have one quite, shock free Monster in your hands.

The McPherson Series® MR7™ is also equipped with the Dead End String Stop. This component “drastically reduces residual vibration and virtually eliminates post-release noise”. The Dead End String Stop comes standard in this bow and is placed in the rear stabilizer bushing where it does its job to perfection. The String Grub also works to quite the bow by eliminating vibration and also helps to gain speed.

The Walnut Slim Fit™ Grip is another standard feature of the McPherson Series® MR7™. This grip has the perfect feel and with the center line built right into it, it assists you in having the right grip each and everytime you pick your bow up. That helps to reduce shooter error by having a rightly held bow.

The Quad V-Lock Limbs™ that come on the McPherson Series® MR7™ are very unique and durable. By design, the stress on the limbs is lessened as the pressure is spread out over a greater surface area. This equates to less limb issues from stress and that means longevity of your limbs.

The specs on this bow are as follows:
IBO Rating: up to 344+ fps
Axle-to-Axle: 33″
Brace Height: 7″
Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70, 80 lbs
Bow Weight: 4.4 lbs**
Let-off: 65%, 80%
Draw Lengths: 26.5″ – 32″
Half Sizes: 26.5″ – 31.5″
String/Cable Length -- String: 62 3/4″ | Cable: 30 3/8″ | Yoke: 12″

When you combine these features with the string suppressors, monkey tails, zebra strings and all the other extras that McPherson Series® MR7™ has to offer, you will find a mean Monster in your hands. This bow is an excellent choice for all your hunting needs. It is offered in many colors including Lost Camo. You can find all the information you need at Mathews Bows.