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My partner and I have been hunting around/near Meeker Colorado and the ranch we were hunting was sold and now we have no where to go. We went up near Craig, CO this year but we were not successfull. We normally just hunt Mule Deer during third season "Rifle". Does anyone out there have any leads on some private property that charges a tresspass fee ($1,000.00) that might be available for next year 2012. My partner has bad knees so property needs to be somewhat accesible.

Thanks in advance.

Art Smith, Northern California.


If you're looking for private land in the Meeker area, you could probably call the Meeker Division of Wildlife office for some possible leads, or do a Google search for such hunts/land in the same area. However, most Colorado hunters would probably suggest that you get out your maps (BLM and National Forest) and spend a lot of time looking for public land hunting areas with terrain that is "bad knee friendly." Then, spend lots of time scouting it, hunt it and get to know it very well. In the long run, you will probably be a happier and just as successful hunter.

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Hey Art, I know losing your hunting spot is not fun especially since you live so far away and don't have the luxury in finding another spot. As you know, Meeker is a very small town and most folks know each other and who does what. One of the best sources I can think of is to find a local pastor (they are bi-vocational and not available full-time) there and get in touch with him. A pastor will have an intimate knowledge of who does what and can probably lead you to numerous private land owners who lease out to hunters.

However, my recommendation is to do some homework and hunt public land. The terrain around Meeker - unless you're hunting the Flat Tops - is not terribly knee-unfriendly. It may take you a couple of years to get familiar with new territory, but if you spend your next hunt combining scouting with hunting, you'd be surprised at what you'll find. Maps and some leg-work can do wonders.

Since you hunt the third rifle season, getting on CDOW's website and looking at their interactive maps to see migration patterns would be a tremendous help. There's a strong possibility that the muleys would be migrating that time of the year. That topic is discussed under the FAQs tab of the menu.

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