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Updates and Commentary

You can keep up with current stuff by going to our Facebook page. During hunting season, we'll also be trying to do frequent updates so you can follow along.

Colorado Hunting

We are Colorado's "goto" resource for Colorado hunting and it doesn't matter if you hunt with a bow, muzzleloader, or rifle, we got ya covered. If you're not looking for anything in particular or don't know exactly where to start then feel free to begin with our Colorado Hunting section, which covers a lot of general topics with lots of information along with where-to-go-to suggestions for details.

Outfitters and Guides

Our large database of Outfitters can provide you with the hunt of a lifetime for any one of Colorado's big game animals: elk, mule deer, black bear, pronghorn antelope, mountain lion, bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat and whitetail deer.

Hunting Forums

We have multiple Hunting Forums where you can talk with all your hunting buddies, meet new ones, ask questions, and even post hunting or scouting photos. Our topics range from elk hunting, including all of Colorado's big game animals, to an Insider's Blog from local experts.

Insiders Blog

There's one thing all hunters need and want - inside information from those in-the-know! Check out our Insiders Blog, which is authored by local experts, experienced Colorado hunters, outfitters, guides and others who possess valuable knowledge about Colorado big game hunting.

Photo Gallery

What hunter doesn't like to look at pictures of monster muleys or elk? You can create your own Photo Gallery to exercise your cyberspace braggin rights.

Video Gallery

Camcorders are becoming as common in one's hunting pack as a compass and gps. Watching a herd of elk or a magnificent black bear can really get the blood pumping. You can submit your hunting, scouting, or wildlife videos for placement in our Video Gallery. Why wait until Saturday morning to watch your favorite clips.

Hunting Articles

There's nothing like reading a great hunting article about someone's hunting adventure. Well, we want your story about your hunt. Go to Hunting Articles to see how you can become a published outdoor writer.

Hunting Tips

If you are new to hunting in Colorado or still working your way up the learning curve, then our Hunting Tips section is a must read - it has lots of valuable information, broad topics and continues to grow. Although we concentrate on elk hunting, there's lots of good-to-know stuff.


Come Scouting With Us

I don't know about you, but as for me and my household, we start scouting in April. So, join us for the video ride along...we'll upload our video coverage of each scouting adventure!

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