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Welcome to The Colorado Hunter where we are Colorado's premier hunting website. You will find that this site is your best information source for a successful hunt and pleasant hunting experience whether you are hunting for elk, black bear, mule deer, moose, antelope, cougar or mountain lion, bighorn sheep, rocky mountain goat, or whitetail deer. If you are new to hunting in Colorado and don't really know where to begin, we suggest you start with our Colorado Hunting overview, which will expose you to just about every necessary topic for your hunting adventure.

Hunting Colorado is a dream trip for many hunters. But, many just don't know how to meet all the challenges that await them. So, the best option is to seek out some of Colorado's top notch outfitters to make that hunt of a lifetime a reality. We can save hunters a lot of time and effort by performing an outfitter search through our Outfitters & Guides matching service, which has the largest database of Colorado outfitters in the country.

Visit our Hunting Forums to reciprocate and interact with other hunters, including our Insider's Blog, which is authored by Insiders (local experts, experienced Colorado hunters, outfitters and guides). They'll keep you posted on significant issues related to Colorado big game hunting and other interesting tidbits. You can also send your hunting questions to our Insiders. If you've been fortunate to get a Colorado big game animal, please visit our Hunting Pictures where you can upload your Colorado hunting picture and exercise your braggin rights! Got a hunting video or good footage of some wildlife, scouting trip, or hunting experience you want to share, visit our Hunting Videos.

Having proper hunting gear can not only make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful hunt, it can literally save your life. Don't come hunting to Colorado without doing your homework. As our membership continues to increase, our input from experienced hunters will continue to grow so you won't have to go up a steep learning curve. You can also view commentary from product ProStaffers as well under Hunting Products.

Colorado is one of the top preferred places in the world for big game hunting and for many that are able to hunt here it is a once in a lifetime experience - this site is devoted to making it a memorable experience. To that end, please remember our Sponsors (see footer menu) who are just a phone call away to fill your needs while you are here, and even after you've gone. If you are not a seasoned Colorado hunter, please read our Hunting Tips and Checklists.

Hunting in Colorado can be expensive, physically demanding, frustrating and down right intimidating. Thousands come here annually for that hunt of a lifetime; however, many have little or no prior knowledge or experience and go home empty handed. Getting that edge proves to be as elusive as the wind - your limited time in the woods just doesn't do the job. Hopefully, this site will give you a major jump start up the knowledge curve and give you that elusive edge. Of course, you're not going to get long/lat coordinates of anyone's favorite honey hole, but you may just stumble across that one golden nugget of information that transforms you from being totally oblivious and clueless to being self-confident and ready to tackle what's ahead.