Shooting Your Bow In Camp? Hah!


Somewhere along the line, you start shooting your bow before archery season. Now I don't know about you, but I don't practice year-round like some do. I'll start sometime during the summer and increase my shooting frequency as the season gets closer. I find that most archery hunters follow the same routine.

Now, before I begin, this is a short topic that I've been wanting to write about for quite some time but never got around to it. However, during this last archery season, I found myself a recipient of the consequences of not doing the very things I'm writing about and know to be true.

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Talking To Elk


Do you speak the language? I guess the real question is, do you know what you’re saying? Throughout the year I instruct many eager elk hunters in the art of communicating with elk. I am very surprised at how little the average hunter knows about the different types of calls, what the calls mean, and what they are actually saying to the elk they are pursuing.

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Practice Makes Perfect


Over the years I have heard many philosophies on ethical shooting distance and on practice methods. I have heard stalwarts in the outdoor industry make statements like “an ethical hunter will never shoot past 40 yards” and I have watched others shoot animals at 120 yards. I have studied the practice methods of both.

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My Creed, My Bushbuck


I could not wait for the opportunity to put my new Mathew Creed 70 pound bow to the test. After just one month of owning this new creation from Mathews I would be traveling to Africa on a Safari as a Hunting Consultant and I knew the opportunity to hunt a few days might occur. I packed my Mathews Creed and My Mathews Helim in a Lakewood Products Bowfile Case and was off to the dark continent.

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The .010 Advantage


The advancement of bow sights over the past 10 years has been tremendous. The brightness of the fiber optics, the quick and easy micro adjustments, and the decreased size of the pins has greatly improved sights. Although the micro adjusts are good for sighting in, I believe that no advancement is more important than the .010 size pins for western spot and stalk hunters.

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Tipping by Matt Guedes


The concept of tipping on a hunt has been a hot topic for some time. For some people just the word "tip" stirs up a cold sweat within them. Then there are those who think about tipping and that thought consumes them to the core. There are others who have a perspective on leaving a tip that leads them to either leave a very small or a very large tip. Some people tip based upon rules or formulas. To be sure, tipping, the how's, why's, and how much is a subject that needs to be tackled.

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Newbies: Where To Start


Here is a sampling of some of the typical questions I get from Newbies about hunting in Colorado:

Where do I start?
Where do I go?
How do I begin?
How do I find out what to do?
I don't know enough to even ask the right questions!

Well, if this is you, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Between the multitude of new hunters, returning hunters who still don't have a clue, residents who are just beginning to hunt, and those hunters who have recently made Colorado their home, there is a long learning curve to go up.

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How To Take Hunting Photos


We have a tradition in my hunting crew that revolves around the opening day of hunting season. We call it "Bucky Sunday" after my father. We spend the day before opening day sitting around in comfortable clothing, eating like kings, playing cards and watching football. At hunting camp a few seasons ago, we broke out the photographs from the previous four decades of hunting adventures with our friends, families, benefactors, miscreants and mentors. We sifted through those old photos for hours reliving some of the best days of our lives.

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Post-9/11 GI Bill Veterans Are You Wasting Your Benefits?


Post-9/11 GI Bill Veterans
Are You Wasting Your Benefits?

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A Blind Is A Blind, Or Is It? by Matt Guedes


A Blind Is A Blind, Or Is It?

What has happened in the blind market over the past 5-7 years has been extraordinary. The expansion on the types of blinds, the material of blinds, and manufacturers of blinds has been mindboggling. There seems to be a blind for any and all types of hunting.

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