Blog Rules

Insiders may post to this blog by invitation only and on topics of which they possess an expertise not shared with the general hunting population. The sole purpose of the Insider's Blog is to help hunters by providing valuable insight on a specific subject based on your particular expertise and knowledge. In appreciation for your contribution, please "only" show authorship at the end of the blog in the following manner: your name, job title, and your organization's name. Please do not repeat this within the body of your blog.

If you are a vendor or company rep of any product or service, you agree to not make any solicitation (directly, indirectly or by inference). Here's an example. You post a blog saying that you are an outfitter that guides on BLM and you want to explain some of the differences between hunting on BLM versus National Forest. You further explain that elk prefer acorns over everything else in life and that most of Colorado's oak trees are in BLM country. [So far so good.] You sum up your blog by saying that over ninety percent of the BLM country you guide on is covered in oak trees. [This last statement is a solicitation.]

We reserve the right to make corrections for things such as spelling, diction and punctuation mistakes, etc. as well as things that we determine in our sole discretion are contrary to these guidelines or intent of this blog. Once a blog is posted, it becomes the sole property of The Colorado Hunter LLC. We reserve the right to keep or remove a blog at any time as well as to make changes to these guidelines at any time without notice. Insider's agree to review these guidelines before posting a new blog.