2014 Speed Goat

I drew a buck tag for unit 12/211 this year. Since I had some free time on my hands I decided to hunt the entire season if needed for a good buck. It didn't take near the entire season though. I ended up with a really good buck He went a little over 15 inches on the left horn which also had double prongs. His right horn had a broken tip and taped a little over 14 inches. He also had a 3rd horn about an inch long on the bridge of his nose.

I am extremely happy with this buck. Anyone else doing any good this season?

by Flags
Hey Flags, congrats on a    by  colorado goatman    11/14/2014   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Hey Flags, congrats on a tremendous goat. I looked under the Photo Gallery and your picture wasn't there. I sure would like to see it.

I used my 13 points this year to hunt goats in unit 11. I chose that unit because my son shot a 72" buck on opening morning, so I decided what the heck. Well, it rained a lot and you know what that means...they'll drink anywhere. So, I ended up with some good exercise and soggy socks.

I did have some good luck with my archery elk hunt in unit 10. I'm currently writing my article about it and will submit it here in a couple of weeks.

Photo in gallery    by  Flags    11/16/2014   Login or Register to post Private Reply

I just put a photo of the buck in the gallery. It is under Flags.

Nice! I hope to get one like    by  colorado goatman    11/17/2014   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Nice! I hope to get one like that some day.