25-06 A.I. for elk

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25-06 A.I. for elk

I post this in the Elk forum too but this is probably a better place for it. Ive deer hunted a long time but new to colorado so I want to get into the elk scene! My dilemma is I only have 1 rifle and buying another before the season is not an option right now. I reload so I have a lot of options for bullets but am looking for any first hand experience. Does/has/would anyone on here use 25 cal for elk? I know its not ideal but thats what I have to work with. I think with a "tough" bullet i'll be ok inside 300 yards but would like some validation lol. Let me know what you thing. Thanks in advance

With a good bullet you will

With a good bullet you will be ok.....like any caliber/bullet shot placement is key

Thanks Treedagain1 that's

Thanks Treedagain1 that's sound and simple. So true though. It doesn't matter if I'm shooting a 375 or a 25 if I (anyone) can't hit vitals! I think I'll try the 115 grain Barnes TSX first and stick with that if my rifle shoots it well. The 80-100 grain TTSX have always killed like lightning for me...off to the loading bench with some good weather, the range!

colorado goatman
I don't know squat about your

I don't know squat about your gun or its capabilities, but you do. Here's what I do know. If one uses a smaller caliber than recommended, accuracy is even more important. Your dilemma may be in forcing yourself to not take "questionable" shots. Good luck.

I've seen 2 elk shot with a

I've seen 2 elk shot with a 25-06. Both ended up on the game pole with one round each. But the guy that shot them knew what he was doing and could put the bullet where it needed to go. He was willing to pass up questionable shots and wait for the right time to shoot. I don't know your shooting abilities, how much experience you have with elk and what sort of self discipline you have so I can't say if you should shoot elk with a 25-06.

But, it is a legal caliber and it will kill elk. Pick your shots carefully and don't shoot unless you know exactly where the bullet will hit. I'd avoid heavy bone like the shoulder itself and try to shoot through the ribs. I doubt that little bullet would make it through the paunch on a quartering away shot so I'd avoid that as well.

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