archery antelope unit

I've got 12 preference points for antelope and want to bowhunt a big ol' speed goat....what unit(s) should I apply for? I'd appreciate any input!

by ellisbowhunter
I think that you are wasting    by  Stinky    02/21/2011   Login or Register to post Private Reply

I think that you are wasting your points. I'd look at the DOW website and see what sort of points are needed to draw. I'm thinking, I don't really have anything to base it on, that you need more points to draw w/a rifle, than a bow. IOW, you could draw w/a bow, but possibly not w/a rifle w/those points.

Also, you've waited to long to ask this question.

And, I'd say, off hand, Ranching for Wildlife is the way to go, but where? That is why you should have asked it years ago...and you should have been shooting does. At the same time that you were shooting does, you would have been gathering data and finding out where the big buckeroooooos hang out. You now have enough points to draw a good hunt, but where? Unless you know, where, I'd stop accumulating points for nothing and put in for the Deakin Ranch in RFW, or possibly the 4-mile, both are in the Craig area.