Backdoor Method, amended

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Backdoor Method, amended

I heard that the method is dead...that is incorrect.

I now know that I've been drawn even though I ain't done did got no email from duh state of Colorady. In, I notice that my elk preference points have vanished in to thin air.

Deer and cantelope : ) appear to be unchanged

I also have not had my CC charged (but, It was charged $15.75, I assume the cost of a ute (youth) license). Others around me report that their CCs were charged before they got an email.

Others report that their card was charged, but they couldnt see any dif on their cpwshop account.

So, the BD method is still alive and well. Monitor your account and watch your cards for charges.

Late breaking news, I just got a text from my was popped for, today, for 15.50, 15.75, 54.75.

It looks like one of the young.uns was drawn.
John 14:6