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Hey everyone my name is Brian I'm relatively new to this area. I'm stationed at carson, and I'm wanting to start hunting coyote. If anyone has any tips or could point me in the right direction that'd be great. (You don't have to give away your secret place). And if anyone has or knows someone with a coyote or prairie dog problem feel free to let me know. I'd love to come out and help you take care of it. I have my small game card so it won't be illegal. I'd also be more than willing to help out around your ranch if needed. Thanks guys, my number is 5597795931.

colorado goatman
Hey Brian, I live on the

Hey Brian, I live on the Western Slope and don't know of any coyote problem. You could call the local CPW office where you live and ask. I've hunted coyotes with one of those recording devices and a hand-held varmint call, but not much luck. I guess I'm not very good at it.

The CPW puts on clinics. I

The CPW puts on clinics. I saw on their list of clinics, for Grand Junction, Predator Calling. So, I'd look at the CPW website and see if they have any clinics on that coming up in your area.

I met a guy who shoots dogs w/an air rifle... .22 at 1,200 fps, he says the gun is so steady that you can see the pellets hit.

Calling is a blast. I haven't called much, but I've called in birds, cows, yotes and all sorts of critters.

You may consider knocking on

You may consider knocking on some doors and seeing if you can talk a rancher into giving you access to thin out the dogs around them. Coyotes are hellacious on their calves and worse on lambs if you can find a sheep rancher. Predator hunting on the western slope is become a lot like elk hunting. Everyone and their dog (no pun intended) has a hoochie mama and they squack on it constantly, making calling bulls harder on public land. Same for predators. But private land could give you some good options where you're at if you find the right rancher. For what it's worth, if you're gonna get a wireless call, I've heard FoxPro is as get as they get.

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