Drew 521 Looking for access info

Greetings Everyone! Getting to be that time again...Drew 521 and thinking of entering zone from 133 Bowie area and making way North on one of the Gravel surface roads. Any info would be appreciated...have hunted 53 for 10 years and would be happy to reciprocate. Also have 20 yrs experience with muzzleloaders and might be able the help someone out there. Looking for any 521 or 41,42,52,411 info. Good Hunting

by raven
Hey Raven, I've never hunted    by  colorado goatman    08/04/2014   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Hey Raven,

I've never hunted there but have "played" there a lot but that was a long time ago...always wished I'd hunted it. If you were to add 421 to that list, I could help. Sorry.