Drew a Bull Tag in Colorado, looking for advice

I drew a Bull Elk tag for Unit 42 in Colorado this year. My first time muzzleloader
hunting for elk. Any tips or advice I can get would be great. Also, that time of the year is there a problem with insects, such as mosqitoes?

by Handyman13620
I've hunted GMU 42 only a    by  colorado goatman    08/25/2012   Login or Register to post Private Reply

I've hunted GMU 42 only a couple of times, but it's been at least 8 years ago, and didn't have any luck given the fact that I hunted it without any prior scouting. I know two people that have hunting it with tremendous luck but neither are internet savvy. But, I know there are lots of elk due to working in the oil patch south of the river over the past several years. I'd suggest pore over some maps, put a preliminary game plan together, and then throw it out there on this forum and see if you get any bites.

This year has been very dry so the bugs shouldn't be a problem. And, if they are, the first freeze usually takes care of them.