Hunting Rabbits on Hwy 139.

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Hunting Rabbits on Hwy 139.

Ill be moving to Grand Junction in 2 weeks and plan on hunting hwy 139 toward Rangley. I've noticed there is a a lot of public land up this way. Coming from Texas I was wondering how it works. Is it best to find a side road,park, and just start walking? I have few places picked out from books, I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything illegal.I will be using 22lr and walking looking for rabbits with hunter orange on. Also, I purchased the xmaps chip for Colorado. Any input on this strategy would be helpful. Thanks again.

OK, I can't make this

OK, I can't make this up....

In CO, a cow, goat, sheep, or other livestock...if you don't want him on your property, he must be fenced out.

But, a person...if they cross an invisible line, that marks the edge of property, they are supposed to somehow know that it is there, otherwise tis a sick bird (illegal).

As far as the BLM goes, once you are on BLM, then you can go anywhere you want...but, you can NOT cross private land to get to BLM...I have received some additional Sensitivity Training in the past, on this, that helped me receive a nick-name (Pathfinder).

Now, that said, landowners will try to make you believe that you cannot cross their property, or even stop on a public road, while on their property...they don't own the road.

Now, as a side point...streams....the water is the states, and yours, but the ground that holds it up, is the land owners....therefore, if your canoe drags bottom...trespassing, the instant that it touched bottom. AS long as if floats, then you are OK. Another side point, a canoe outfitter told me, new law, that you can portage a canoe or kayak on private land in order to avoid a serious/deadly rapid/obstruction...stay on the bank, or at the water's edge, as close as possible to the water. I have not read this law, and people have told me this is BS, but this guy runs a biz in at least 5 rivers in CO and it is his biz to stay abreast of this kinda stuff.

AS a side note...I have 2 chips. I found a long-lost GPS, in an obscure pocket, in a pack, that was empty, but I could feel a lump in it. Prior to finding it, I got another chip and GPS. The pocket was on the inside. I use that chip in my dash mounted GPS (which works way better than a cell-phone. It is really good for showing you where you are at and you can reference it to a map quite easily.

You can now get a GPS at a pawn shop for $25=$35.

BTW, they make apps for phones and I think that some of em are free. Some people love em...the only problem is that it you don't have service, a cellphone uses up energy looking for a tower. Therefore, your battery goes dead quickly.

Thank you stincky for your

Thank you stincky for your response. I looked over the chip and it looks helpful. I was wondering about parking areas on back roads or off 139. Is it common to park on the side of back roads and start walking?

I can't wait to get up there and explore, but it will be the coldest time of the year when I do lol. Im going to stay off private for sure and probably start hunting in deep BLM land for rabbits. Just want to know if there are a lot of public roads that lead in to the mountains.Thank you again!

colorado goatman
There's lots of roads and

There's lots of roads and lots of rabbits; you'll just need to get out there and give it some miles. I prefer to park on one of the dirt roads and walk. You'll eventually find some good spots and learn what to look for. I use a Garmin GPS to keep me off private land. If you use a BLM map, it'll also give you a good idea of where not to go, but not detailed enough if you're not sure. Good luck.

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