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Keen Footwear

The Erickson PCT Boot - A boot so well made, it should be called the eleventh essential. Built for serious backpackers, our finest technical boot is crafted from premium waterproof full grain leather. They are finished with metal speed laces, a KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane, and a cork EVA heel cushion for unmatched comfort over long miles. This is a great boot for the serious hunter who will traverse inclines and put on many miles. You can learn more at

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Tis a shame that they don't

Tis a shame that they don't make them in WIDE.

Stinky, FYI Keen boots run

FYI Keen boots run wider than others,may work for you

What I meant to say, was they

What I meant to say, was they don't come in extra wide. I know they are on the wide side. I had hopes for them fitting, but I require an extra wide.

I have a pair that I got at Goodwill, very comfortable...they are one size larger than what I normally wear and do the job. But, I wouldn't walk anyfarther than the copy machine in them, as the don't really fit well enough to walk a fer-piece.

I believe that they are the Briggs II

Another thing...I've learned

Another thing...I've learned that I can't really find a pair of boots that will fit me for under a hundert-bucks. But, Nike Monarchs in 4E fit just fine and they are only $50. It seems like my feet get wider as I age. Long ago I learned that it is worth it to pay for good boots/shoes and at the end of the day, it really, REALLY makes a difference.

I can't get anything to wear in Cabelas, unless they are their expensive boots (which I haven't tried on).


It might be worth it to go to a good footwear store and try a pair of Keen's on. I have $400 boots and they sit home often because of my Keen comfort.

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