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lion hunt

Anybody know of a reputable lion guide locally that doesn't charge an arm & leg to kill a cat?


Gary , Here is alink to a outfitter here in Colbran. As i was asking around Freddie Wallace , came highly recomended for this hunt . Hope it helps . John

Hey John,Ellisbowhunter is

Hey John,

Ellisbowhunter is the eldest son of the aforementioned party :-). Thanks for the info. He's guiding right now in Chama and I know he'll be checking into your reference and replying back to you as soon as he gets back in about a month.


Krabman Thanks for the


Thanks for the reference.....I have a friend that knows that gentleman from Colbran and said he's very good....I'm curious about the link took me to a webpage about terrier dogs there another info source for his lion hunts?


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