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Mathews Helim'

Mathews is back at it again. The introduction of the Helim masters more than 20 years of Mathews’ engineering to deliver the smoothest, quietest, most technologically advanced lightweight bow ever offered. It is truly another great and new innovation from the authority in the archery world.
The Helim features the new advanced GeoGrid™ Riser, Harmonic Stabilizer Lite, and a lightweight Reverse Assist Roller Guard which results in a super smooth draw. The Helim also packs two decades’ worth of single-cam advancements into the all-new Helim Cam which produces speeds up to 332 feet per second with a generous 7” brace height. All this and it weighs only 3.5 pounds!

The Specs on this bow are as follows:

IBO Rating - Up to 332 fps
Axle-to-Axle - 30"

Brace Height - 7"

Draw Weight - 40-70 & 65 lbs

Bow Weight - 3.5 lbs

Let-off - 80%

Draw Lengths - 26" - 30"

Half Sizes - 26.5" - 29.5"

String/Cable - String: 88" | Cable: 32 3/4"

Riser Length- 26 1/8"

Cams - Helim Cam™ & QCA

All those specifications may not be the details that every bow hunter or archery shooter needs to know, but whether you shoot at a range or out in the field, you are very interested in what they mean. These specs simply remind you that you will have the Cadillac of the bow world. You will be shooting a bow that will better enable you to hit your target more consistently than ever before. You will see the translation of information to reality when you are fast, quiet, and accurate.

Twenty years of experience backed by the business ideology of Integrity, Innovation, and Impact culminated this year in the new Helim Cam™. In 1992 Matt McPherson introduced the revolutionary concept of single cam technology. His innovation changed the archery world forever! How? Timing and synchronization became history. As a result, accuracy improved and recoil and noise nearly vanished. The new Helim Cam™ culminates 20 years of single cam advancements and will leave you in awe when you shoot this new bow.

If you would like to look into the Helim as a potential bow for you this year you can go online at and learn all you need to know about this new bow. One of the great opportunities on the Mathews site is that you can custom design your new bow and add in all the colors you would like so that it is YOUR bow. So whether you like Lost CamoTM , black, or tactical risers and limbs, you can now choose your style. You can also accent your bow with stings and accessories in a plethora of colors.

Every archer knows that words cannot express the feelings of a perfectly executed shot. Likewise, we can’t find the words to describe this perfectly designed bow. So go shoot the new Helim today at your Authorized Mathews Retailer to experience for yourself why this is the finest hunting bow ever offered!

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