New to western Colorado.

So this is my first post on Colorado Hunter and I am excited to say it will be my first time living in Colorado. I will be moving to Grand Junction in January 2017. I am also new to hunting, esp western hunting. I've hunted cottontails and whitetail deer with some hogs in the past, but nothing extensive. I've fished my whole life however. Nonetheless, I am willing to learn and work hard.I am looking into starting small with my game and getting to know the land and people. If anyone is interested on any form of hunting and are from this area any advice would be greatly appreciated. Coming from Texas our regulations come in one book for fishing and hunting. I do't want to come to Colorado and give Texans a bad name lol, I've heard it may be to late. Anyway, I'm new to most of all this and visiting GJ it all seems so big and wild out in the mountains. Any advice or PM me if you would like to do a small game walk-in hunt or duck or anything. FYI, I respect the wild and the animals in it. I also like to associate with like-minded folks who follow the laws and conservation of the land.

by 3rdcoast_slope
Per this website, I believe    by  colorado goatman    11/03/2016   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Per this website, I believe Colorado has around 22 million acres of public land hunting. Unlike Texas with it's tad bit of Grasslands, you'll have plenty of room to get lost in. In Grand Junction, we're surrounded by public land on all sides, so my advice is to wear out a few pair of boots and enjoy.

Thanks! i cant wait to go and    by  3rdcoast_slope    11/08/2016   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Thanks! i cant wait to go and search the land. It just seems strange coming from Texas when you can just get out of your vehicle and starting walking/hunting. I want to hunt rabbits in January up and I bought a Colorado hunting book that showed some good spot around GJ esp north. Cant wait to get out there and try it out.