Poseidon Portable Battery Charger

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Poseidon Portable Battery Charger

I received a Poseidon portable battery charger from DarkEnergy.com to test, use, or whatever else seemed appropriate in order to provide my honest feedback on the product. Well, hunting season, at least for me and our crew, was over and taking it out into the wilderness was not an immediate option.

One thing that we decided right off was that some of the extremes for which it was designed to survive - dropped from outer space, lying at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, exposed to the elements atop Mount Everest - were not really an issue for us. After all, it is an electronic piece of equipment on steroids and we'd treat it just like all of our other electronics out in the field. The only difference is that the prolonged functioning of everything else depended upon this battery's survival. So, until I could take it into the remotest parts of the earth, what else could I do to simulate something similar.

Well, since I travel extensively, I decided to fully charge the battery and take with me on a 12-day trip. I carry multiple pieces of electronics with me (smart phone, computer, video camera) and the battery would work nicely because of its simplicity. But, if push came to shove, I would be able to revert back to my norms: cigarette lighter charger and inverter.

On this particular trip, I had an engine problem that left me stranded for four days in a strange land because my truck was at the mechanic's shop. The survival of my business (just like the success of any hunt) depends on my equipment staying alive and well. The battery, after being kicked around, tossed around and dropped a few times, survived my multi-day frustration and kept me in contact with the world. Even though I was technically out of business, the battery kept me in business.

Is the battery worth the current price tag of $99.99. At first, I thought, "No way." After this little experience, "Oh, yea." Will it prove its worth on my next wilderness hunt? I'll keep you posted.

Gary Ellis
The Colorado Hunter LLC

12 days seems like a very

12 days seems like a very good result. What was the battery capacity and the V output?

Overlanding and camping often

Overlanding and camping often requires much more preparation and I totally agree that a reliable battery is the key. I really like how they combine a battery with a solar charger like on this 15000mah powerbank https://www.carid.com/cellular-innovations/15-000mah-solar-powered-dual-... that allows you to recharge it from the sun energy even if the batter is drained completely. It's pretty convenient to use for gadgets but of course it wouldn't help the motor.

The only information that I

The only information that I found was that it is 10,000MAH and it does not have solar charging capacity.

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