Preference Points are up.

Girls, 2012 Preference points are up. If you go into the DOW website and check your P-points they are there.

If you got a didn't get your first choice....simple as dat. Hope for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice.

Stand by at the backdoor for more info....

by Stinky
Antelope is up!!! AND THERE    by  Stinky    05/20/2012   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Antelope is up!!! AND THERE IS JOY IN MUDVILLE. For Nimrod has drawn his 4th choice...Unit 13, Private Land Doe....Wahoooo!!!!

Well congrats. I've been    by  colorado goatman    05/24/2012   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Well congrats. I've been working so much I almost forget how to get back home ... should be able to check mine this weekend.

I have not had a lot of faith    by  Stinky    05/18/2013   Login or Register to post Private Reply

I have not had a lot of faith in the back-door method lately. It could be caused by the fact that the preference points changing and possibly the actual draw results have been up before the back door for the last 2 years (counting this one).

It used to be that you could find out, through the back-door method, if you were drawn, before any other official notification. Now, you find out that your points have changed first.

But, now, I take all of that back. I presently have multiple windows/tabs open. Backdoor indicates that I have an antelope license (code 562). The only thing that the draw results page indicates is a deer-refund-check. I was in there looking for elk info...and there is not yet any info on elk.

Funny, the date is one year after last years results...more or less, 5/17/2000.

The Draw Results page shows that I am getting a deer refund check and there is nothing new on elk...yet. I am trying to get in and look for the preference points...and I keep getting an error message...maybe that is a good sign as they could be loading the info now.
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Hope you have fun hunting    by  colorado goatman    05/18/2013   Login or Register to post Private Reply

Hope you have fun hunting your speed goat this year. I'm gonna get me one of those tags one of these days. I think Jonathan drew one so he's gonna be our guinea pig for filming a hunt...maybe.

I now know the hunt code that    by  Stinky    05/24/2013   Login or Register to post Private Reply

I now know the hunt code that I was drawn for, unit 13, private land, doe, last choice. ;)