Rio Grande Turkey

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Rio Grande Turkey

Any turkey hunters here? I took this gobble in May 2014 off a ranch owned by a long time friend in Yuma County. This bird is one of the Rio Grande subspecies. He weighed 22 lbs, had a 10 inch beard and spurs that were worn down to less than an inch. I shot him at about 20 yards with an old Belgian made Browning A-5 that I inherited from my late father.

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A5 turkey

Hi Flags,

What kind of shot did you use for the gobbler? I also have a belgian made A-5 that I inherited from my father. (made about 1956, as near as I can determine). Unfortunately, it also has a very old poly choke on it that I can't get off. I use it for pheasants and trap, but I have been afraid to put any kind of slug through it.

colorado goatman
Awesome turkey! My son bow

Awesome turkey! My son bow hunts turkey and says it's a blast. There's a lot of turkeys in Colorado so I'm sure I'll be on the bandwagon one of these days.

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