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I am pretty new to hunting, I started when I was 13 but stopped for about 12 years and now am trying to get started again. I have never hunted muzzleloader before but bought a new one this year with my uncle and I put in for an either sex elk and muley buck for unit 73 this year. I would greatly appreciate some helpful advice on where a good place to start would be. I have elk hunted a couple times successfully but it has always been cow hunting late in the season. Also is muzzleloader season here in the pre, middle, or post rut and what would be a good base way to hunt bulls during this time of year? calling? thanks so much for the help. God Bless.

by jvoit1987
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Well, I hope you'll get hooked on hunting for life.

It's been my experience that there's always some sort of rut activity going on during muzzleloader season, which is usually during the peak of activity.

Here's some general and basic rules. First, get some maps of GMU 73 and study them well. I would mainly look for two things: the section(s) of country that are the least accessible; and those least-accessible sections that have the roughest terrain. Focus your hunting in those areas. This does not mean you won't find elk in other areas, but your odds are best in these locations. Second, scouting trumps everything. If you can't do any pre-hunt scouting, your odds of success go down. Third, unless you are already intimately familiar with GMU 73, your hunting trip needs to be a scouting trip only...just carry along your weapon. This will put you in the right focus. Fourth, be very mobile, scout, stay high giving preference to places that will allow you to use your binoculars (a lot). Fifth, call a lot. I prefer lots of cow calling and minimal bull calling. Others will do just the opposite. Sixth, focus on hunting elk and you will stumble across the muleys. Seventh, do yourself a favor and read everything on this website...there's lots of helpful stuff here.

Most things you will get just from experience and making mistakes. Good luck. There's also a great article under Insider's Blog called Newbies: Where To Start.