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Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover

I have been training for the past month and a half in order to get ready for my upcoming Mountain Goat hunt in Colorado. I have been putting in for this tag for 6 years and to have finally drawn the tag is incredibly exciting. The one factor that I can really control is the choice to be in the best physical shape possible. Because this hunt will take place almost exclusively at altitudes above 11,000 feet, I have been training in those kinds of conditions. By doing several types of workouts and running extensively, my body has been in need of rescue.

I have tried many products over the years when it comes to recovery drinks. Many of them do some good things for you and many have some good components. However, Wilderness Athlete has brought out the champion of recovery drinks. Their product, Hydrate and Recover, is a great tasting recovery drink that has everything you need in it. I am loving having this tool in my preparation arsenal as I train hard getting ready to chase my dream mountain goat.

Nearly fifty years ago, the era of sports drinks began with the introduction of Gatorade® to the marketplace. Scientific research, however, has continued to uncover the body’s “thirst” for specific nutrients that keep us operating at peak levels. With this new information, sports drinks have evolved beyond simple fluid and electrolyte replacement products into versatile performance enhancing fuels. Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover is the latest generation of sports drinks, incorporating all the current science related to rehydrating and refueling your muscles to meet the demands of physical activity. By replenishing the broad array of nutrients that are consumed during exercise and by refilling fluid “reservoirs,” Hydrate & Recover keeps your body and brain fueled for increased endurance and ready to meet the next challenge.

Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover Advantages:

Precisely balanced electrolyte and mineral composition to support proper hydration, energy metabolism, and physical endurance*

Isotonic formulation ensures fast gastric emptying, rushing fluids to muscles and organs where they’re needed most*

Contains no artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, or preservatives*

Low Glycemic Index (GI) sugars combined with complex carbohydrates and L-Glutamine help support increased endurance and prevent fatigue*

Includes Glucosamine to maintain and nourish joints and retain their proper fluid levels*

Provides energy cycle cofactors and standardized botanical extracts for sustained ATP (energy) production throughout the body*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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