Facebook Rules

Default. Everything on these "Facebook Rules" and "TheColoradoHunter.com | Facebook" is subject to Website Rules. We also retain the right to change these rules at any time without notice.

Language. We have Fans all across the globe and we assume all of them know English in addition to their native tongue. However, for the benefit of everyone, and in keeping with the "spirit" of the Website Rules, all commentary must be in English.

Facebook Promotions: Fans. Facebook fans of The Colorado Hunter LLC and TheColoradoHunter.com may participate, hereinafter referred to as Participant, in a contest, giveaway, prize offering, etc., hereinafter referred to as Promotion, by acting upon the terms stipulated in the post, which include the additional terms herein. Once we announce the winner of such Promotion in a subsequent post, the winner shall have the sole responsibility to contact us (TheColoradoHunter.com) and the Vendor within 30 days to make a claim. If the winner fails to do so, we have the discretion of selecting another winner or running another Promotion.

If you win a Promotion, you agree to provide us a written evaluation of the product/service you received within a reasonable time period. Such evaluation shall be factual, honest and based solely on your personal experience; and, it shall be published on our Hunting Products forum for the benefit of all of our Facebook fans and website members.

Participants agree that the fulfillment of all claims to any Promotion are the sole responsibility of the Vendor. Participants also agree that TheColoradoHunter.com, The Colorado Hunter LLC or any of its agents, representatives, etc. shall have no responsibility or liability in either the fulfillment of any claim or enforcement of the claim upon the Vendor.

Facebook Promotions: Vendors. Product or service providers, herein referred to as Vendors, of hunting or hunting-related products/services may provide a free item or items as a promotion to our fans.

The item(s) shall have a $100 minimum retail value. We agree to make an initial post about you, your company, website address, the giveaway item(s), the terms of the promotion, etc. and subsequent posts, with a minimum of once per week for every week the promotion runs, that will refer to the primary post and to keep the promotion alive. You agree to immediately provide such giveaway item(s) in a professional and business-like manner to the winner of such promotion and agree that such winner may provide an evaluation, free of any undue influence or coercion, of such item(s) to be published on our Hunting Products forum.

We periodically run special events. Vendors may participate in the same manner as mentioned above as "Sponsors" of the event.

If you want to advertise on our website, please contact us.

Anti-Hunters. Nothing on our Facebook page is for the purpose of providing a forum to express philosophical opinions about the pros and cons of hunting. Individuals who choose to express such opinions, no matter the extent, will be banned.