Hunting Products Forum Rules

Members. Members of our website and Facebook fans may use this forum to discuss any hunting product.

ProStaffers. Any "preapproved" ProStaffer may use this forum for the benefit of website members by discussing products, but not services or service providers; e.g. outfitters. The vast majority of content for any post or comment must be to discuss the benefits, features, attributes and superiority of your represented products, not as a sales forum. You must also periodically follow-up to check for any member comments and provide an appropriate reply if deemed necessary.

Advertisers. Advertisers may use this forum "solely" as a venue for member feedback. Advertisers may make a post to seek comments from members about specific products, and also participate in discussions with members. This forum "may not" be used as an advertising platform to promote products or services...such activity will be the result of your interaction with members to improve your product for the benefit of hunters. Your use of this forum is a privilege and exclusive of any paid advertising agreement. Violations of these rules will result in the advertiser being barred from making posts or comments on this forum.