Private Landowner Tags/Vouchers: Terms and Conditions

For landowners, this is a free service. To avoid any "third-party brokering" implications per the wildlife regulations, we do not act or represent the landowner's interests, do not perform any liaison function, and do not negotiate with the landowner or hunter in any instance concerning the selling or transference of Colorado Landowner Tags, aka vouchers.

Landowners may list all of their Colorado Landowner Tags (vouchers) along with a complete description of the property, pictures, amenities, public land access and hunting opportunities, private land hunting and access limitations or restrictions, cost of voucher, etc., and any other selling features that are deemed appropriate. We retain the right to remove any listing at any time for any reason. When a listing is posted, the landowner agrees to keep the information current.

Interested hunters may contact a landowner at any time via email. Landowners may not provide direct contact information to circumvent this process. Doing so will cause the information to be deleted and subject the landowner's listings to be delisted. If a hunter decides to buy a landowner tag (voucher), and once the hunter pays our fee, both parties (landowner and hunter) will be provided complete contact information in order to complete the sale and transference of the voucher.

By using this service, a landowner agrees and warrants to not use this platform to sell additional vouchers to the same or multiple hunters to bypass our required fee/voucher payment system. Any such violation will subject the landowner to a cause of action provided in Colorado law.

Interested landowners may contact us at

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