Master Targets Hunting Series

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Master Targets Hunting Series

International Master Products, an industry leader in printing applications on diverse substrates, is proud to introduce MasterTarget ™ brand targets. MasterTarget® targets are durable and long-lasting. They are made of tough Durashot™ material and designed to withstand hundreds of shots. There are eleven designs available in the hunting series for archery as well as rifle and three in the tactical series with limitless custom design possibilities. MasterTarget® offers a variety of targets in their hunting series from small game to African wildlife. It has illumination of vitals for a visual reference or a simple image to enhance your shooting skills. Custom image work is available upon request. The Durashot™ material is 100% waterproof and tear resistant. These are not your run of the mill paper targets. This means the target can be left outdoors between rounds, sustain a longer than expected life, and still be ready for the next round of shooting. These targets boast the ability to last up to 20 times longer than traditional paper targets.

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