My Creed, My Bushbuck

I could not wait for the opportunity to put my new Mathew Creed 70 pound bow to the test. After just one month of owning this new creation from Mathews I would be traveling to Africa on a Safari as a Hunting Consultant and I knew the opportunity to hunt a few days might occur. I packed my Mathews Creed and My Mathews Helim in a Lakewood Products Bowfile Case and was off to the dark continent.

As my client, Chris, was hunting day in and day out taking some of the best animals of Africa, I could not help but think about the opportunity that might come to pull my Creed out of the case and hunt. I had equipped my Creed with a Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest and a Spot Hogg 7 pin Hunter Wrapped Sight. I had sighted in out to 80 yards and was overly anxious to put my new bow to the ultimate test. For the previous month I was just in awe over how well it performed at the range.

Finally, seven days into the trip, I got the chance to hunt. I had decided with 2 ½ days left on this safari that I would attempt to do what no one with Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris had ever done. I was going to spot and stalk hunt the elusive bushbuck. Only one other archer had taken one with them and he did so from a treestand. I entered into the bush in a free range scenario on the Limpopo River with my trusty Creed.

I spent those 2 ½ days with bow in hand often fighting through the thickest thorn riddled brush I had ever seen. I kicked up well over 50 bushbucks during the 24+ hours of stalking that I did. Many would jump up at less than 10 yards, but it was so thick that I was never be able to get a shot. I drew back my bow on two occasions and during the 4th ½ day hunt I actually got a shot at a bedded bushbuck at 40 yards and hit a branch that I could not see through the thick brush. I was beginning to understand why no one had accomplished this feat with this prestigious safari. It was by far the most difficult spot and stalk hunt I had ever taken on. I had failed stalk after stalk. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.

Then it all came together. We spotted a female right along one of the river banks and behind her was a very large ram. We saw them at about 70 yards. We were above them on opposite side the river bank. We began to slowly move in to range. As I took one step at a time I couldn’t help but think about the Creed and this being potentially the first animal I would arrow with it. I moved in to 48 yards and there was no way to get any closer. I had a 6 inch window through the brush to shoot through. I was concerned about my arrow trajectory, but knew how flat the Creed shot. I drew back my Creed with my Trufire Hardcore release and settled my Spot Hogg 7 pin Hunter Sight 50 yard pin on the huge ram. As I was at full draw the female barked and started to leave. The Ram then barked and I released my arrow.

The arrow smacked the bushbuck hard but because of the thickness of the bush I couldn’t see exactly where it hit. I immediately told the ph that it sounded like it was right into the body cavity as the animal was quartered fairly hard away from me. We waited for about ½ an hour and then went to the position the animal was in when I hit it. There was lung blood 5 yards from where it was hit. We followed it 40 yards and the animal went into even thicker bush. It was getting dark and we couldn’t see blood in the thick bushes. The bushbuck is well known to attack when it is injured and since it was now dark we decided to pull out and come back at first light.

I knew the animal was expired and was bothered about not being able to recover it right away. However, I knew that safety had to be the first concern. We went right back in the morning and found the blood trail instantly. We followed it for another 50 yards and found where the bushbuck had died. It had only gone 90 yards total and died. The Creed had performed excellently in very difficult circumstances. The only problem was that my dead bushbuck was not there. There was a long 90 yard slide from the river to where my trophy 15”+ bushbuck had died. A large crocodile had come up out of the river and dragged my ram right back into the water from which it came.

I will never be able to have a picture or a mount of that special spot and stalk bushbuck because wild Africa is just that, wild. However the memory of this hunt, the performance my Mathews Creed, and desire to do it again will always be there.

I would suggest that you go to your local Mathews dealer and test shoot a Creed immediately. In a very difficult hunt my Creed performed picture perfectly and yours will, too. Here are the specs on this tremendous new offering from Mathews: Creating something that is more advanced by making it simpler is an engineering marvel. New from Mathews is the Creed™. Featuring the all new SimPlex™ Cam, the Creed™ is the smoothest drawing high-energy single cam bow ever created. The Creed™ is designed around a balanced synergistic system giving it an amazing blend of speed, quietness and accuracy all in a lightweight compact bow. The Creed™ truly is Advanced Simplicity. Experience it for yourself at your Authorized Mathews® Retailer.

Brace Height: 7”
Draw Weight: 50-70 lbs
Bow Weight: 3.85 lbs (approx)
Let-off: 80%
Draw Lengths: 26-30”
Half Sizes: 26.5-29.5”
String/Cable: String - 92 1/4" | Cable - 32 3/4"
Risor Length: 26.50”
Cams: SimPlex™ Cam
IBO Rating: up to 328 fps
Axle-to-Axle: 30”

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