Private Land Hunts & Tags - Currently Inoperable

Welcome to our forum for landowners and hunters, which is divided into two parts: Private Landowner Tags/Vouchers and Private Land/Trespass Fee Hunts.


For free and without obligation, landowners may post and offer for sale their Colorado Landowner Tags - more accurately defined in the statutes and regulations as "vouchers" - and hunters can view what's available. Since this is a new service, our current listing of landowner tags may be somewhat lacking until such time when landowners respond to our advertising efforts to list their vouchers. Please see our Terms & Conditions. In the meantime, view our current listing, periodically check back, and continue to read for more information.

If you are a landowner but don't qualify for the voucher system, then there is another option for you ... the private land-trespass fee option (see below).


This service is for hunters and Colorado landowners who have (1) private land but do not participate in Colorado's voucher system, aka Landowner Tags (see above), either by choice or lack of qualification, and (2a) want to sell hunting rights on their own land to hunters and/or (2b) want to sell the right to access public land, aka trespass fee, to hunters. Please see our Terms & Conditions.


In the State of Colorado, there are three "typical and usual" ways in which a hunter can acquire a tag: (1) For draw-only units, a hunter must participate in the draw system, which for some species and Game Management Units (GMUs) may take many years to get a tag; (2) In over-the-counter (OTC) units, a hunter can get a tag upon demand at any licensing agent; or (3) Hunters can buy Colorado Landowner Tags from a multitude of private landowners who own property in non-OTC GMUs; and, the hunter may still participate in the annual draw and accumulate points.

For proper citation, this overview is taken completely from the Colorado Revised Statutes 33-4-103 (no "direct" link is provided), Wildlife Regulations: Chapter W-02, Article 1, #206, B, 4, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. Our elaboration is for your convenience only and may not be relied upon for lawful and detailed guidance - click on each link above for that purpose.

Colorado Landowner Tags (vouchers) are available to certain landowners whose property is primarily used for agricultural purposes, is inhabited by deer, elk or antelope for the majority of the year, and the GMU is totally limited, that is, no over-the-counter firearm tags are available for the species hunted. The landowner must also allow a reasonable number of hunters to hunt on their land.

Colorado Landowner Tags (vouchers) can only be transferred one time - from the landowner to the hunter - without the use of third party intermediaries or brokers. Once a hunter receives the voucher, he or she must then redeem it by purchasing the appropriate license. This will NOT affect any accumulated points for that species. Once transferred from landowner to hunter, Colorado Landowner Tags (vouchers) may NOT be re-sold to another party or re-printed if the hunter cannot redeem it for a license.

Property used in the Ranching for Wildlife program may not be used in this program.

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