Website Rules

User Names. User Names may not be in the form of any business name.

Discussion Forums. All forums are open to the public and comments are free from censorship. However, hunting is a family affair and we all hope that our children will come to love the sport as much as we do. In that regard, we must adhere to sound principles of writing conduct and offer these guidelines to ensure ethical writing.

Hunters may not agree on the method of take, what is and what is not ethical hunting, fair chase, and a whole myriad of issues in which the parties can be just as polarized as political candidates. Nevertheless, please express opposing positions and comments without degradation or condemnation. Cursing and extreme crudeness are unacceptable.

Since this is a free forum, Users may not solicit (directly, indirectly, or by inference) on behalf of any business. Businesses may, however, advertise on this website and our Facebook page via multiple avenues.

Obviously, we have neither the time nor intent to police comments, but assume that everyone will adhere to these Rules to ensure that we all can benefit from this website. However, please report any violations that you think warrant our attention.

Photo Gallery. Photos are for personal braggin rights. If an outfitter submits a photo on behalf of a hunter, it must be submitted under the hunter's User Name. Photos of other kills by other hunters must be submitted under each hunter's User Name.

Video Gallery. Links to videos on YouTube may only be to a personal site. Any video may be submitted on a CD or as an email attachment; however, size may prevent the latter. Any video that is used directly, indirectly, or by inference as a marketing tool may not be accepted depending upon the extent of marketing content.

Submissions. Anything that is submitted to us becomes the sole property of and The Colorado Hunter LLC and may be used on this website or any other website we own. We reserve the right to reject, remove or retain any submission (article, photo, drawing, video, commentary, etc.) at any time, or may use such submission, in whole or in part, as a Post on our Facebook page.

Wildlife Photos & Drawings. Whether amateur or professional, we'd like your wildlife photos or drawings of Colorado's nine species of big game to be displayed throughout the website. Drawings must be realistic and of professional quality. If requested, proper citation (name and website address) will be shown on the bottom right corner. This paragraph is subject to Submissions above. Send your photos or drawings and/or contact us at